About Our Services

Often when people feel pain in one part of their bodies that pain originated in another place, a phenomenon known as referred pain. In some cases, clinicians attempt to treat the area where clients feel pain, but these solutions only provide temporary relief. At the Pain Treatment and Wellness Center, our experts understand that 85 percent of the time, musculoskeletal pain is a referred pain; this requires a special protocol to restore the range of motion in the muscles and joints. Increased mobility helps reduce pain and allows clients to return to their normal, pain-free lives. Part of the unique process at the Pain Treatment and Wellness Center is to educate our clients and empower them to be engaged in their treatment.

Not everyone who practices myofascial trigger point therapy is certified and clients should seek out therapists who have the CMTPT credential, which stands for certified myofascial trigger point therapist. Jeff Lutz, the center’s myofascial trigger point therapist, carries this credential. Additionally, our massage therapists understand myofascial pain better than most and have massages and therapies that help clients experience less pain and more function.

The National Association of Myofascial Trigger Point Therapists (NAMTPT) provides additional information about selecting a therapist that is right for each patient.



Our Philosophy

Pain takes a unique form for each person. Sometimes it seems as if no one can understand what it feels like except for you. At the Pain Treatment & Wellness Center, we understand this pain. Our caring and compassionate therapists understand how to help people recover from their pain. While all our employees have years of experience, the Pain Treatment & Wellness Center staff has an advantage that others do not—we listen. When you share your frustration and describe your pain, we listen to what you say and incorporate your individual needs into your treatment.

Our staff believes there is value in helping you achieve a better state of being, one that is pain free. We want our clients to feel energized and calm.

Wellness is more than a word in our name—it is a state of positive being in body, mind, and soul. Wellness means understanding moderation and excess. Wellness is never fully achieved; it is practiced. Our vision is to be a mile marker in the paths of the lives who want wellness to be part of their world.

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